Salt & Light

After more than three years of shooting in and around the ocean, I decided to bring everything together in one place to share with all who had followed my journey so far. I created this book, in a way, to say thank you to everyone and also to say goodbye to that time of work, so that I could focus on moving forward and looking to what I could create next. 

Salt & Light is like a family reunion for my images, stories and photography tips I have gathered during this time and everyone who likes my work, or the ocean is invited :)

I designed the entire book from start finish myself, and I am really proud of the result. The hardest part of the entire process was the writing sections. Trying to clearly articulate experiences or concepts in words, especially when it will be critiqued for years to come, read out of context and by such a broad audience, was an extremely gruelling experience… especially when I spend my days creating visual imagery - and the longest thing I’ve written since school was a 240 character Tweet, Instagram caption or text message.




You can buy Salt & Light here: USA/International, UK/Europe, Australia/NZ

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