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Icelandic Highlands

Pie Aerts8 Comments
Icelandic Highlands

When people ask me why I take photos, I tell them it all started when I was a kid - drawing lines on paper in pencil. Every time I return to Iceland, I relive those childhood memories. Wandering around through a world where every bend feels like starting a blank page, where every turn is waiting to be filled with stories. The imagination, the colours and the flow: making forms collide in your own unique way. There's something special about the Icelandic landscape.

But there are plenty other reasons to keep returning to this amazing part of the world. Ever since I first picked up a camera, I've been fascinated by aerial photography. Whether it's mountain ranges, frozen lakes, deserts or volcanoes, there's something that never gets old about seeing them from above. I've traveled all around the world taking aerial pictures, but the Icelandic Highlands remains my favourite site to view from above.

I don't know if it's the purity, the drama, the obscurity, or the weirdness. Whether it's the prehistoric energy, or the widespread power of the elements. The magic quality of inaccessibility - the fact that you could hike for weeks without encountering a single soul. Or maybe - just maybe - it's the contrast of this peaceful silence with the hectic world. Whatever the draw, one thing's for sure: the Icelandic Highlands never fail to take your breath away.

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